You Stepped Into My Life

You stepped into my life.

Glowing, spirited

Brilliantly vibrant.

Unconsciously masked.

My soul recognised you.

Immediately familiar.

Fond comfort.

Have we met before?

What can you teach me?

Naive, I asked.

Convinced there was nothing.

I blocked my heart to you.

Foolish I was to foresee.

Opening would be my lesson.

Years passed.

I couldn’t breathe.

You; the ultimate mirror.

Reflecting daily my poison.

Desperate. I want to run.

My go to resolution.

You pull me in.

I resist. I can’t. I’m sorry.

Resentments foster.

I instruct you; ‘you need to learn’.

My voice echoes back at me.

Anger. ‘Step up would you’.


I’m speaking to myself.

Convinced I can’t live with you.

This heaviness, too much to hold.

Suffocating. I need to leave.


Yes, again.

The lyrics; Riptide.

Explode in my head.

‘This Cowboy is running from himself’.

Glued on repeat.

It demands to be heard.

You ask ‘What do you want?’

Uncertain, freedom perhaps.

Awareness drops.


I crave freedom from myself.

Past resentments.

Always directed your way.

Please forgive me.

They were mine all along.

Can we salvage this?

Hope resides.

Be with me now.

Release the heaviness.

Surrender as one.

Our souls lovingly confirm.

United we are powerful.

Release with me.

Let us choose love.

Lighter now.

Our masks are off.

I see you before me; raw, real.

Yes, I remember.

We have been here before.

It was perfectly scripted.

Converging we would learn.

Our pain worth the wisdom.

Destined. Always.

To set each other free.

Soul lover thank you.

Your reflective essence saved me.

You provided me no choice.

Nowhere to run.

You enlightened my greatest fear.

A conviction I couldn’t face.

The one thing I refused to look at.


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2019 Katie Manser