We have One Life; One Chance to show up at our VERY best, one chance to experience deep love, happiness and fulfilment, Now!

What if your Unconscious Mind was the One Thing holding you back … the one thing keeping you stuck, blocked & small. This is where I can help you xx 


Freedom begins with ...

Inner Freedom

But the Conscious Mind can only get us so far.

It is the Unconscious Mind that holds they Key!

Stuck. Frustrated. Lacking Self-Confidence. Unfulfilled. 

   Desiring More. Craving Connection. Wanting Freedom in Life.

"I'm not good enough".  "I can't lose weight". "I'm not loveable". "I never have enough money". "I'll never be successful". "If I trust someone, I'll get hurt". "I'm not a confident person". 

These are just a *sprinkle* of the feelings, emotions and beliefs we all experience.

But do we just *accept* them or is there another *better*option for us all?

What I do as a NLP / Hypnosis Coach

I help people to become the best versions of themselves through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Techniques. Working with the Unconscious Mind, I assist my clients to release stored emotions, unconscious limiting beliefs and negative behavioural patterns. And through this process I help my clients to create a life where they finally feel free, empowered, confident, in control, and ready to live *their* life on *their* terms. This is where TRUE Freedom begins!!

Consider: Are you?

Ready for change

Tired of feeling a particular way

Seeking freedom within

Aware that there is a 'better' way to feel

Wanting to show up as your very best

Waking up to the reality that life is precious

Hungry for a new way of feeling and acting

Ready to step up and achieve your goals

Craving true love, connection and happiness

Hypno - NLP Sessions

All Sessions are via a video call.


Needed: Phone or computer with a camera and an internet connection.

But First: We discuss how I can help you … send me a text 0427 553 360


Sessions I Offer… 

Get the Result - Single Sessions

My clients pay for the RESULTS… not the time. 

This is what sets me apart as an EXCEPTIONAL coach!

If you do what I say, you WILL get the result you seek!

Quit Smoking NOW - Once Off Session

I get Results … 100%. 

I look at the REAL reasons why you smoke.

I address those reasons, and do WHATEVER it takes!

I use multiple layered hypnotic techniques. 

You WILL leave a NON-Smoker!


Take the first step 

Send me a quick DM

Or Email me to find out more

at hello@katiemanser.com

Find the Freedom within

Relaxed . Open . Connection

Katie  Manser

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

  • Certified Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

ABN 15 155 659 487

Current Member of The Australian Board of NLP, Inc. 

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