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Here’s a little about me …

  • I am a NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Health Coach.

  • I have HUGE dreams to change the World and open people to Love and Life. 

  • I am a mumma of 3 epic humans.

  • I am deeply in love with my partner, soul lover, twin flame and best friend Gl

  • My greatest success is opening my heart to love, connection and *true* joy. 

  • I am a dreamer and see the infinite potential in Every. Single. Person. 

  • I suffered anxiety throughout my teenage years and throughout my twenties.

  • I love the ocean. It is where I feel most grounded.

  • I meditate and practice yoga daily …  it forms part of my morning ritual.

  • My biggest fear is being on my deathbed with a list of regrets running through my head.

  • I make all my decisions based on intuition … it has taken me many years to finally listen.

  • I LOVE learning & teaching… they are my highest values in life, along side Connections and Freedom. 

  • My parents taught me to always question things for which I am forever grateful.

  • I have questioned the ‘norms’ of society since I was a child.

  • I love a clean house, although I don’t always live up to my own standards.

  • I have always resisted doing things if someone tells me to do it ... not so much if I'm asked.

  • I constantly seek quicker and easier ways of doing things.

  • I purposely surround myself with high vibers who are creating amazing thing in the world.

  • Words cannot express how much I LOVE helping people to become better versions of themselves.

  • I am an extremely sensitive person … a true empath.

  • I am a very spiritual person, and my intuition is extremely strong. 

  • My life changed when I stopped looking for external means to make me happy and instead looked within.

  • I believe we create our reality with our thoughts … the matrix is true!

  • My superpower is my ability to see myself in others and help them become their absolute best Self possible. 

  • I am determined to leave this world a better place.

My Loves

 Glen  xx

My wish for YOU and every person in this world ...

  • Truly love your Self.

  • Open to  love & connection.

  • Have the courage to be authentically you.

  • Know your worth.

  • Follow your passions.

  • Experience a deep love of life.  

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2019 Katie Manser