Coach: NLP ~ Hypnosis ~ Holistic Heath

Intention: To Give Back to the World

Purpose: Advocate for Change


Hey I'm Katie

I'm in the business of helping others to step into their light.

I inspire and support others to create a beautiful life that they truly love! 

I believe that each of us has the infinite potential to be living our best life.

A life full of love, compassion, integrity, kindness, giving and heart.

I believe that each of us has a precious gift, encompassed by passion.

My purpose in life is to help people discover their gift, and then share it with others.

Every single person on this earth deserves to be living a life full of peace, love, purpose, connection and happiness.

I am here to help you unlock your inner freedom, self-confidence, power, passion and self-belief.

My Superpower is my ability to see myself in others, and to help people become the absolute best version of themselves.


I can't wait to meet you!



Katie xx 

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